What factors are affecting the stone price?

Lady Green Marble

Now whether it is garden decoration or home decoration, are gradually advocated personalized. With the development of the decoration industry, while the utilization rate of traditional decoration materials is higher, new building materials represented by stone are developing rapidly. Nowadays many families begin to try to use stone material in decorating, but how many do you know the factor that affects stone material price?

Lady Green Marble Slabs
Lady Green Marble Slabs

1, the quality of the stone depends on the texture of the stone, some stone textures are natural, obvious, and clear. This kind of stone has a high utilization rate, so it is more expensive than ordinary stone.

2, stone products to the market, affected by the law of market economy. When there are many stone products in the market, the purchasing power of consumers is reduced, and the price of stone in the market will be reduced; If the market demand is greater, the product supply is very small, stone prices will increase accordingly.

3, stone has natural characteristics, for a more natural look, the stone price will be more expensive.

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