What can I do with offcuts?

  1. Spelling interesting patterns

usually, the ceramic tile that decorates affirmation more than one style, the leftover material also is all sorts of shape and design and color, can use the difference to spell out a pattern at this time, a lot of good-looking than common ceramic tile still can use it.

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2. Garden walkway

If your home has a garden, a stone road or cement road is indispensable, these are more common, it is better to try to tile scraps as a supplement posted on the ground, colorful is also very good-looking.

3. On the fence

There are walls at home. In order to be safe, many people will smash beer bottles and embed them on the courtyard wall to prevent people from climbing over the wall. The ceramic tile scraps also have the same function.

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4. Bottom of the balcony flower pot

Flowerpot can have water holes to benefit drainage commonly, the average person is to be put directly on the balcony, perhaps on flower rack, still have a mat of large ceramic tile leftover material below flowerpot, earthen, sewage flows above easy to clean.

5. Window edge, cabinet back, and other obscure places

 To save money commonly this kind of place does not stick ceramic tile, we can stick with leftover material, moistureproof.

6. Spare

Ceramic tiles are easy to fall and break, and it is difficult to find the same ceramic tile, so keep the backups, in case of damage can also be used as a substitute.

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Luxury White Marble Slabs from China with affordable price

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