The differences between marble and granite.

Marble is metamorphic or sedimentary carbonate rock. The organization is fine, solid, can polish, color variety, have beautiful natural color, and radiation is smaller. Due to weathering resistance, it is rarely used outdoors, and its ordinary durability is 150 years.

Granite belongs to magmatic rock. Its main composition is feldspar, quartz, mica, and so on. It is characterized by compact structure, high hardness, wear resistance, pressure resistance, fire resistance, and erosion resistance, and has certain radiation. The pattern is uniform grain markings and luminescent mica particles, and its ordinary durability is 200 years.

Grand Antique Marble Slabs

The different applications between marble and granite.

The marble looks better, and granite is more durable. Marble is soft, easy to stain, later needs regular maintenance, not easy to take care of. But because the design is rich, color is downy, a natural advantage, after laying, processing can appear high-grade, luxuriant. is more suitable for Family indoor use. Granite is harder than marble and easier to maintain. But gives a feeling of cold, suitable for outdoor or public areas floor and wall.

The hardness difference between marble and granite.

Celine Black Marble

Mohs hardness is the unit used to calculate stone hardness. Marble due to impurities, Mohs hardness in 3-5.; The Mohs hardness of granite is between 6 and 7.

The color difference between marble and granite.

Pure marble mostly Snow White, contains impurities of marble, black, red, yellow, green, and other colors, and the formation of a variety of textures, spots, like mountains and rivers, and unusual, beautiful patterns. Granite is the most widely used rock with the longest history. The color of granite is generally light, gray, silver-gray, light gray, red, and peach red are more common.

The price difference between marble and granite.

Most of the exterior walls of the building are made of granite, and only a few of them are made of marble. Marble is generally used in interior decoration. The price is generally 120-500 dollars per square foot, and the price of granite slab is cheaper, generally 60-100 dollars per square foot.

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