Six advantages of natural limestone

Limestone is widely used as building materials and industrial raw materials. It has six advantages.

Beauty of nature

Warm color, mild texture and natural appearance make limestone an ideal material for all kinds of decoration.


Whether for decorative bricks or other materials or to maintain the coordination of the surrounding environment, the natural appearance of limestone will enhance the aesthetics of the building.

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China White Limestone


If you want to inherit buildings for generations, the building stone is naturally Indiana limestone. Many colleges and universities and national comprehensive universities are proud of limestone buildings with a history of more than 100 years. When building new buildings, they continue to use ancient materials to match the existing buildings and maintain the consistency of the campus.

Many other buildings have a long history of using Indiana limestone. From private houses to public schools, churches, courts, museums, and other monuments, Indiana limestone is also the preferred building material. In the expansion, Indiana limestone can be well matched with the original stone.

Another excellent example is the Washington National Cathedral, which was built in 1907 and completed in 1990. The National Cathedral and many other buildings fully demonstrate that Indiana limestone can last for hundreds of years and will continue to serve future generations.

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When choosing building materials, the functionality of materials is the most important consideration. Since the opening of the first mine in 1827, Indiana limestone has been suitable for buildings of various uses and styles. In addition, most Indiana limestone is transported to the site for cutting and installation, thus eliminating the cutting work.

Whether limestone is used to decorate bricks (windowsill, top cover, keystone, etc.), or trim or all use limestone, the warm tone, coupled with deformability and durability, makes it the only choice for architects and owners. Indiana limestone will not be large and can be cut and carved into various shapes and sizes. Therefore, it can be sawn, planed, turned, or handmade to meet the requirements of architectural design. The use of Indiana limestone is becoming more and more extensive, ranging from simple trimming and bedding materials to landscape architecture, bridges, and Cathedral buildings.

Wooden White Marble

economical and practical

The durability and maintenance-free properties of Indiana limestone make it worth more.


One of the advantages of Indiana limestone is consistency. Although there are subtle differences in color and texture when Indiana limestone is a purely natural product. This is very important for the buildings under construction, especially the expected expansion process in the future.


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