Precautions for the use of natural stone

Natural stones are generally divided into marble, granite, and slate.

Marble belongs to limestone metamorphic rock. It has bright colors and luster. It will show various cloud-like patterns. The disadvantage is that long-term exposure to the sun and rain will fade the luster, so it is only applicable to indoor decoration.

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Granite is formed with volcanic eruption and belongs to igneous rock. It has a coarse granular structure and can maintain its luster for a long time when used outdoors. The exterior walls of most high-end buildings are decorated with granite.

Slate belongs to sedimentary rock, which does not need special processing after mining from the mountains, so it is cheap and can be used as roof tiles, floors, and walls, but generally only for decoration rather than large-scale use.

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The following aspects can be taken into consideration when purchasing stone:

1. Marble or granite shall be selected according to the application. For example, the outdoor floor can only be made of granite, while the living room floor is better made of marble, because it has gorgeous patterns and rich colors, and is easy to match with furniture of various colors.

2. Choose the variety of stones according to the color of furniture and cloth, because each marble or granite has its unique pattern and color.

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After the stone decoration, it must be treated with a special protective agent to truly present its essence and last as new.

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