How to make the stone brighter and more durable?

Most stone materials are faced with such a problem in the process of use: wear-resistant is not bright, and bright is not wear-resistant. The routine maintenance is repeated, but it can’t last.

Therefore, how to make the stone both bright and wear-resistant is not only the effect that the stone users want to achieve but also the problem that the stone carers urgently need to solve.

Experience tells us that the harder the stone, the more wear-resistant it is. This is most of the time! For example, the vast majority of granite is harder than marble and more wear-resistant than marble; Quartz stone is very hard and relatively more wear-resistant!

Calacatta Fiorito Marble

However, during the use of decorative stone, it is impossible to replace the stone to accommodate the hardness or wear resistance of the stone. Some stones have been paved and used, and the wear resistance cannot be changed under normal circumstances!

Of course, through the stone surface treatment technology, the hardness and wear resistance of the stone can be improved to a certain extent! So, which is harder and which is more wear-resistant among the various treatment processes?

To solve the abrasion resistance of stone surface, the principle must be observed: the stone surface must be bright. The original plate is not subject to any treatment and is wear-resistant, but the gloss cannot meet the requirements, nor can it!

Calacatta Fiorito Marble Slab

Stone surface treatment process (4 wear-resistant grades)

The stone surface is treated by a certain process to ensure that it is bright and wear-resistant. The wear-resistant grades are roughly divided into 4.

Wear resistance fourth: stone surface waxing process;

The third is the crystallization process of stone surface;

Wear resistance second: the structure of the stone itself;

Wear resistance first: stone surface sealing technology.

In the same wear-resistant grade, there may be different treatment methods, but the principle, surface structure and material are similar, and the wear resistance is also similar. In the case of the same gloss, the wear resistance of the stone surface made by different processes is very different!

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