How to improve the stone glossiness?

If effective and timely maintenance is adopted, the glossiness will be maintained for a long time. If only the maintenance of daily cleaning is provided, the erosion of the exterior of the stone and the changes in the interior of the stone will worsen the surface characteristics of the stone, and even affect its normal use. At this time, remedial measures shall be taken to restore it, but whether it can be restored to the original level depends on the degree of wear and the recovery ability of maintenance. If the decline is within the recovery capacity, it will naturally return to the original level. If the decline exceeds the recovery capacity, it will not reach the original level. In this way, the glossiness will gradually decline, so it cannot meet the requirements for use. At that time, only by renewing the stone again, can the original luster be restored, which will cause greater economic losses.

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The correct maintenance method is to use the maintenance process in a timely and effective manner before the stone glossiness has declined or the decline range has not exceeded the recovery capacity of the maintenance measures. After the maintenance, the glossiness will be well maintained, so that the stone will remain as new for a long time and be in an ideal visual effect.

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Correct selection of maintenance process Crystal surface treatment has been widely used in major hotels and high-end properties. It has strong operability, high gloss, and hardness, which makes daily care simple. It is recommended to select the crystal surface treatment process.

Formulate a maintenance cycle, service condition, and frequency The maintenance frequency is determined according to the flow of people and service condition

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The effect that should be achieved is that the crystal surface treatment process is adopted for maintenance according to the above frequency, which can achieve the ideal effect of pollution resistance and easy cleaning so that the stone is in a good state of cleanliness, glossiness, and hardness all the year round, presenting an ideal state of overall texture, clarity and visual effect.

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