Marble Mosaics

How to distinguish the quality of mosaic?

Mosaics can be divided into several different types according to their materials and processes. Glass mosaics can be divided into machine single-sided cutting, machine double-sided cutting, and manual cutting according to their processes. Non-glass mosaics can be divided into ceramic mosaics, stone mosaics, metal mosaics, and so on according to their materials.

Asian Statuary Marble Mosaics
Asian Statuary Marble Mosaics

It is mainly used for the decoration of walls and floors. Due to its small unit area, various colors, and infinite combination methods, the mosaic can express the designer’s modeling and design inspiration incisively and vividly, and fully display its unique artistic charm and personality. It is widely used in hotels, bars, stations, swimming pools, entertainment places, home walls and floors, art mosaic, and so on.

White Thassos Marble Mosaics

Identification of mosaic quality:

1. Check the toughness and strength of the backing paper. The qualified backing paper will not tear during handling and normal construction.

2. Check the color uniformity. Generally, several mosaic tiles can be tiled in a place with sufficient light to visually check whether the gloss is uniform.

3. Check whether there are cracks, defects, missing edges, and corners.

4. Observe the degree of color matching. Generally, the decorative area of decorative glass mosaic should account for more than 20% of the total area, and the distribution should be uniform.

When choosing mosaic, you should pay more attention to the inspection, so that you can buy your satisfactory stones.

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