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How can I buy Granite countertops with good quality and low price?

Precautions for choosing granite countertops

1. Price comparison

Many stone companies offer free installation. Therefore, we should compare prices to buy the best quality stone at the lowest price. Check granite samples, works, pictures, and customer comments.

2. Choose the color of granite according to family style Granite is a kind of natural stone, and the color change is very normal. Therefore, try not to buy Granite Countertops of the same color as the samples.

Brazil Imported Granite kitchen Countertops

3. Choose the style of the sink

No matter what kind of sink you choose, if you need to cut, the granite manufacturer will charge extra. You must provide the sink template to the manufacturer, so it is best to purchase the sink first.

4. Confirm edge style

If you don’t like the standard style, you can ask the manufacturer to design and customize it. When you use cabinets or other furniture together, you need to trim the countertops.

Granite Kitchen Countertops for multi-family Projects

5. Select Thickness

The thickness of granite countertops is usually 2-3 cm or 3/4-1 inch. The 3cm granite countertop is more expensive, but it is stronger and more attractive. However, 2 cm granite countertops usually need plywood support and should be trimmed.

6. Ask the manufacturer if there is no gap during installation

Granite cracks are very common. You can choose to install them seamlessly, but the cost may be higher. Some workers leave cracks beside the granite water tank, but due to the long-term infiltration of water, it will be gradually destroyed.

Granite cracks are very common, and you can choose to install them seamlessly. The kitchen countertop is both practical and beautiful, and its long-lasting durability will make them the most affordable choice.

Yellow Granite Kitchen Countertops for multi-family projects.

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