Do window stones are necessary?

Different materials of window stone.

There are a lot of important small links in the decoration that are ignored, such as window stone. Some people think that window stone is not important, and some people think that window stone is beautiful and durable is necessary. Thus, we will introduce you to the importance of window stone, and different materials

China White Marble Slabs and Tiles
China White Marble Slabs and Tiles

Windowsill stone, also called windowsill board, refers to the stone laid at the bottom of the window, it’s just an extra stone to protect the window. Besmear on windowsill emulsify paint, affix stone material or other material next.

We need to know that the position of the windowsill is a vulnerable place, mainly the following problems:

First, the bump may make the missing Angle, Second, rain may penetrate the wall。 Three Dust accumulated over time, maybe yellow and difficult to clean

Windowsill stone mainly has three functions: one is the protective effect, to prevent the rain splashing outside, causes mesa to be affected with damp, mildew, blacken, putty off; Second, it is easy to clean the mesa; The third is the decorative effect.

Windowsill stone material itself is very strong, installed on the windowsill can play a protective role in the windowsill Angle, and the overall decoration will be more coordinated.

Many materials on the market can be used for windowsill stone, such as marble, granite, artificial stone, and other stone, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

China light Grey Marble Slabs
China light Grey Marble Slabs

The marble

Advantages: natural pattern, beautiful atmosphere, strong gloss.

Cons: Difficult to manage, expensive.


Advantages: hard texture, good compression effect, low water absorption, easy to care for.

Disadvantages: long time high temperature may appear to fade, discoloration, and other conditions, expensive.

Artificial stone

Advantages: basic same with the advantages and disadvantages of natural stone, wear-resisting performance is good, strong processability, etc. the price is low.

Disadvantages: poor color, the texture is rough.

Ceramic tile

Advantages: good splicing, color, high wear resistance, cheap price.

 Disadvantages: bad touch, the texture is not as natural as marble and other natural stone.

Window stone of a variety of materials, different colors, and different textures can make the vision take on a new look, and interior decoration style echo.

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