Basic factors to consider when purchasing stone

Since natural decorative stone is a natural product, the pattern and color characteristics of each large plate will not be the same. Only by patchwork can the pattern and color be gradually extended and transited; so, the overall color is harmonious. After the patchwork is assembled, it shall be numbered immediately so that it can be put in place according to the number during installation. The number can be directly written on the board surface with a stick or a wood crayon, but it is forbidden to use a liquid-colored pen to write marks on the stone board surface to prevent colored liquid from penetrating the stone and leaving indelible marks.

Italy Calacatta Paonazzo Marble

Generally, two factors should be considered when choosing what kind of decorative stone:

The first is the location: indoor or outdoor of the building, hall or kitchen, toilet, to determine whether to choose marble, granite, or quartz.

Italy Marble

The second is color: natural decorative stones are available in red, yellow, green, black, and white, but most of them are composite colors. At present, only black granite has a single color.

italy White marble Countertops
Calacatta Paonazzo Marble

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