advantages of Stone railings 1: beautiful and elegant.

Stone railings are generally composed of columns and handrails. The shape of columns and handrails is more column type, and the shape is more beautiful. The effect of the installation will be very beautiful and elegant.

advantages of Stone railings 2: simple and complex.

Stone balustrade itself is a customized product. All balustrade models, simple and complex, carved and hollow, can be made as long as you want. It is also an attractive place.

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advantages of Stone railings 3: high cost.

Why do we say that the high cost of stone railings is its advantage? Because the more expensive the thing is, the more it can show the status of the owner.

advantages of Stone railings 4: weather resistance.

Stone is a kind of material that can polish the mirror surface. After a period of use, the railings made of stone will be polished and the mirror surface treated like new ones, and the service cycle can be very long.

One disadvantage of stone railings is that they occupy a large space.

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The columns of stone railings and handrails, especially the general column at the beginning and the transition column in the middle, all occupy the space of the stairs.

The second disadvantage of stone railings is the limitation of style.

Stone railings are generally suitable for European, American, French, and other styles when used indoors, but not very suitable for modern simple, and light luxury styles.

Stone railings have three disadvantages: high cost.

Due to the high cost of stone railings, our general consumers do not have much desire for consumption.

Stone railing

Stone railings are not only the guarantee of building safety protection but also common decorative protective railings. They are often used for the decoration of moats, parks, gardens, and other landscapes. Some villas also choose to use stone railings.

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China Red Marble